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Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering (Construction)

Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering(Construction)


Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering (Construction) will develop analytical skills by performing applied mathematics problems such as algebra, trigonometry, statistics and differentiation. Able to draw 2D and 3D basic sketches using CAD software`s and understand the civil engineering process design. Learn the most up to date technologies applied in the construction industry and materials according to the design. Able to perform the sample structural design on the structural members such as beem, column, foundation etc. Similarly, to perform basic measurement methods for Quantity Surveying. Able to select the right procurement method suitable for the client and standard construction contract used in the industry.


Course Duration:

The course consists of 8 modules. All modules will be completed within 8 months


Course Outline:

There are 8 modules in total:

Applied Mathematics for Engineers;           

Civil Engineers Design and AUTOCAD;

Effective Civil Engineering Technologies;

Structural Design;

Structural Analysis; 

Construction Materials;

Quantity Survey; 

Procurement and Contracts;


Course Time

There will be 2 days per week x 5 hours per dayPart-time);
There will be 5 days per week x 3 hours per day

Schedule of the classes will be planned to suit the course’s needs. There will be no classes conducted during public holidays and school holidays.


The applicant must meet one of the following requirements




Minimum a   diploma or of a higher qualification equivalent in related discipline (OR)


Minimum Grade   E in any 3 GCE A Level including English or equivalent with 5 years’   experience in related   field. (OR)


Matured   candidate with othe relevant certificate qualification with 8 years relevant   work experience (for only local students) must be of 30 years old and above.

Course Completion & Certification:

 Upon completion of the 8 modules , those who fulfilled the required attendance and pass all the assessments will be awarded a Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering (Construction) by Nanyang Asia College.

Attendance must not less than 75%part-time90%full-time and not absent without valid reason for more than 7 consecutive days.