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Chinese Course

This course aims to introduce Chinese characters to allow students to listen, speak....


This course aims to introduce Chinese characters to allow students to listen, speak, read and write Mandarin in the correct grammatical rules and proper sentence structures. Students are able to proceed from level 1 up to level 6 to improve their reading and writing ability. The course places much emphasis on improving the ability of the learners to use Chinese for daily communication. And on the basis of that, the course will lay a solid foundation for further studies of the language. These aims are to be accomplished by means of pattern substitution, grammatical analysis and multiple-purpose exercises. In addition, our teachers have tried to consolidate various course materials to compile supplementary materials to assist the students to develop their abilities in different situations and on different topics.

Reviewing the characteristics of language learning of the students, we not only use easy-to-understand materials, but also simple and concise grammar, which enable the students to use the grammatical rules to guide their own language practice and make the study relaxing and practical. At the end of the 6 levels of course, students will be expected to be able to listen and communicate fluently in Mandarin, read and write around 3000 Chinese characters and Chinese texts of relatively long length.

Lesson Time

Each level consists of 16 lessons of 1.5 hours or

8 lessons of 3 hours

– Each level will take 2 months to complete

– Preferred schedule can be discussed further

Course Certification

Students can receive a certificate by SCI upon completion of the course. Whether or not to take an examination at the end of the course is optional.

Course Outline

• Correct pronunciation

• Teach Chinese characters

• Differentiate similar Chinese characters and characters with many meanings

• Increase the vocabulary

• Improve listening and speaking abilities

• Grammatical rules

• Sentence structure

• Description of pictures

• Write short paragraphs and short essays