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Right Brain Development

Surveys show that more than 95% of people use only half of the brain, the left brain. ...

Surveys show that more than 95% of people use only half of the brain, the left brain. Why would such phenomenon happen? This is mainly related to human life habits. Humans are always accustomed to using tools with their right hands, and the left brain is stimulated to varying degrees every day. In addition, the language center, logical analysis, digital processing, memory, etc. are all controlled by the left. The brain processing causes the left brain to operate at full capacity. On the other hand, due to the traditional exam-oriented education, children lack the education of non-verbal thinking skills. Many schools and families do not attach importance to the development of the right brain and do not focus on the cultivation of logical thinking skills.

Therefore, a large number of left-brain people who can only follow the rules and lack resilience and creativity have been cultivated. Below I will introduce to you the operable methods of right brain potential development in foreign media.

(1) Cultivate the creativity of young children

Most of human memory is to store scenes in the right brain as blurred images. The so-called thinking is the process of symbolizing and linguizing the left brain while observing the image depicted by the right brain. Therefore, the left brain has a strong tool nature, which is responsible for converting the image thinking of the right brain into language.

What we often say about "intuition" and "flash of thought" is that the intuitive, comprehensive, and visual thinking function of the right brain functions, and the left brain needs to cooperate well.

Developing children's creativity is one of the ways to develop the right brain. Educational toys are the best tool for developing the right brain. Educational toys are mainly in the form of activities such as inserting, assembling, and playing. Children learn the pictures by themselves and assemble them according to the diagrams. This is a creative activity and a form of inspiring the right brain thinking of children.

(2) Exercise the image thinking ability of young children

The image thinking process is essentially to generate an image from the right brain and then to verbalize it through the left brain. Therefore, consciously exercising image thinking can achieve the purpose of activating the right brain.

If you don't pay attention to active exercise, your image thinking ability will gradually decline. Therefore, for young children, they should be more conscious in exercising their image thinking skills.

For young children, fairy tales are the best way to develop the thinking ability of the right brain image. Fairy tales are full of fantasy, which can inspire children to read a living while associating a living scene in their minds, which requires the ability of thinking in images.

Watching sports games can also exercise your child's right brain and improve her image thinking skills. Each thrilling shot will bring a series of charismatic imaginations to your right brain, which is the result of the benign stimulation of the right brain caused by watching sports games.

When watching the game, the child should be inspired to continually anticipate possible situations based on changes on the field, rather than make logical inferences based on the existing impressions 

and data in the brain.

Human dreams are actually the stories depicted by the right brain in the unconscious. When you wake up dreaming, write down the content immediately or tell it to others. Doing this is equivalent to reproducing the image of the right brain, which is beneficial to stimulate the right brain.

At the same time, it is also an effective means of coordinating the left and right brain, which will have a positive impact on the activation of the entire brain. People who use the abacus to perform calculations can sometimes use mental arithmetic to move the abacus beads in their heads. This is image thinking. Even people who are not so good at abacus can use this method to exercise their right brain.

(3) Use graphics instead of language to develop right brain

When explaining problems to children, use more graphics to tell them. For example, use a large circle and a small circle to tell who is big and who is small. When you tell a child a math problem of "23 = 5", you can draw two "". Draw three more "" symbols, and then calculate. These are all good ways to develop the right brain.

In daily life, people tend to use language to express, and gradually forget the graphic expression. In other words, people rely too much on the left brain. Therefore, we should consciously use the method of graphic expression to allow the right brain to participate in daily life.

Computer games are also a good tool to exercise your child's right brain. Parents should choose a graphics-based game for their children. Games are children's favorite activities. Playing video games will exercise the right brain in a pleasant atmosphere.

(4) Exercise children's shape feature memory

The right brain has type recognition capabilities, and you can immediately recognize people you know in crowded people. This is how the human brain quickly draws out various images of the person with the accumulation of previous memories, and then matches them with the visual impression characteristics, and judges who the person is in an instant. Therefore, consciously exercising this ability can stimulate the right brain.

Playing chess is a good way to exercise your right brain type recognition. When children play Go or Chess, their emphasis is not on conspiracies, but on remembering the "shape" and "situation" of the star-studded, canine teeth on the chessboard. Exercise your child to try to remember the killing situation on the chessboard, this will give a good stimulation to the child's right brain.

In everyday life, similar "activation" of the right brain can be done everywhere. At a high level, head slightly to the right and use the left field of vision to observe the vehicles on the street, remembering its color and shape, and lining them up in your head. Take the child for a walk and see a pet that is of interest. You should let the child try to remember it, and then let the child try to remember its cuteness. Maybe the child may find it difficult to remember at first, but Repeated training many times, the child can grasp the characteristics of each other.

(5) Exercise children's spatial awareness

Back home at night, without turning on the lights, we can walk around without touching the wall or wrestling. This spatial perception is the function of the right brain.

You can let your child enter a new environment, let him look around, cover his eyes with cloth, and play catching games with him. This is a good way to exercise his right brain.

The ability to remember the way is also the ability to know the space. You can take your child for a walk in the park, and then let the child take you back along the original road.

You can also let the children look into the sky and watch the clouds in the sky. Gradually the child will feel the three-dimensional image and three-dimensional layers of the clouds.

These are the best ways for children to use space to understand and exercise their right brain.

(6) Cultivate children's appreciation ability

The right brain has the ability to feel painting. Paintings and natural landscapes are a great way for children to appreciate and indulge them.

Take the children to the flower exhibition, bonsai exhibition and other exhibitions to appreciate the works intuitively and overall, which is conducive to activating the right brain. The stimulation of the right brain will be more pronounced. When painting, do whatever you want, without being limited by any frame.

Letting children practice drawing is very useful for cultivating children to consciously observe and try to remember nature's various poses, and it will also form a good stimulus to the right brain.