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Schulte Square is a square card with 25 squares of 1CM × 1CM, and the Arabic numerals 1-25 are filled in a total of 25 numbers. During training, the test subject is required to point out their positions in sequence from 1 to 25 with their fingers, and at the same time read out the sound. It is a very effective attention training game for children. The tester records the elapsed time. The shorter the time it takes to finish counting all numbers, the higher the level of attention.

Schulte Square is not only a simple measure of attention level, but also a good training method. It is also the basic method commonly used by psychological counselors in psychotherapy. Schulte watch can exercise optic nerve endings through dynamic exercises. This table is used psychologically to study and develop the speed of psychological perception, including the speed of visually directed search movements. Cultivate the ability of concentration, distribution, and control; expand the scope of the video; speed up the video; improve the stability of vision, discernment, and directional search capabilities. The longer you practice, the less time it takes to look at your watch. With the deepening of practice, the peripheral visual ability of the eyeballs improves, not only can beginners effectively expand the viewing range, speed up the reading rhythm, and train the eyes to recognize and read quickly; but after entering the improvement stage, expand the vertical and horizontal viewing frames at the same time, reaching one eye and ten lines, one eye One page is very effective. Each table is based on the character order, and all characters are quickly found. On average, one character takes 1 second to achieve excellent results, that is, 9 cells take 9 seconds, 16 cells take 16 seconds, and 25 cells take 25 seconds. Schulte Box, training, testing attention. Adults, children, school and work can be trained and tested.

Not only can Schulte Square be used to measure the stability of children's attention, but by using this set of charts to practice every day, the child's attention level can be greatly improved, including the stability of attention, the speed and breadth of transfer.

When using this method, parents can make several sets of cards, draw tables, and fill in arbitrary numbers. Start with 1 and point out the corresponding numbers as you read, until 25. Read the sound at the same time, and the tester records the elapsed time. The shorter the time it takes to finish counting 25 numbers, the higher your level of attention. Take the age group of 12 to 14 as an example. Achieving 16 "above is excellent, the academic performance should be among the best, 26" is a medium level, the class ranking will be in the middle or lower, 36 "is a big problem, the exam will appear Failure. Adults aged 18 years and over are best able to reach an 8 "level and a 20" level.

If you are interested in continuing to increase the difficulty of the exercise, you can also make your own 36-, 49-, 64-, and 81-cell tables.

This psychological training system is suitable for students in grades 1-12 and adults. It is hosted by parents and insists on training students for 5 minutes every day. It can effectively improve the symptoms of students 'distraction, significantly improve and improve students' attention levels. Basically, pay attention to lectures in class, complete assignments with high efficiency and high quality, improve learning efficiency, naturally reduce the error rate of examinations, and naturally achieve the purpose of improving examination results.