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Mind Mapping

The speed of thinking is faster than the speed of light. The speed of the left brain is only 5%...

The speed of thinking is faster than the speed of light. The speed of the left brain is only 5%, and the speed of the right brain is 95%. The use of mind maps is the use of the right brain, so the memory is 19 times faster. So using mind maps can increase efficiency 19 times. So don't you think mind mapping is very efficient?

Sometimes I seem to have a lot of ideas in my head, but they are scattered and I do n’t know how to pick them out. What should I do? With mind maps, you can use your left and right brains to improve your creativity and organize your thoughts. Einstein also likes to use this method to "create imagination games". Let the imagination gallop and search for various possible answers. Even if it seems impossible, creativity needs to be like this to be creative.

Our brain presents a kind of divergent thinking and explosive thinking. If you can sort out these ideas well, then you can find the "central idea" of your creativity.

Mind mapping is an effective thinking mode. It is applied to memory, learning, thinking and other "maps" of thinking, which is conducive to the development of the human brain's diffuse thinking. Mind maps have been widely used worldwide, including a large number of Fortune 500 companies. The founder of Mind Map is Tony Bazin. China's applied mind maps have been around for more than 20 years.

Mind maps, also called mind maps, are effective graphical thinking tools for expressing radiative thinking. They are simple but extremely effective, and they are a revolutionary thinking tool. The mind map uses the technique of focusing on both graphics and text to show the relationship between the topics at all levels with mutual affiliation and related hierarchical maps, and establish the memory link of the topic keywords with images and colors. Utilizing the laws of memory, reading, and thinking to help people develop in a balanced manner between science and art, logic, and imagination, thereby unlocking the unlimited potential of the human brain. Mind maps therefore have the power of human thinking.


Mind mapping is a method to materialize radioactive thinking. Radiation thinking is the natural way of thinking of the human brain. Every kind of data that enters the brain, whether it is feeling, memory or thought-including words, numbers, symbols, food, aroma, lines, colors, imagery, rhythm, notes, etc. , Can become a center of thinking, and from this center tens of thousands of joint points are emitted outwards, each joint point represents a connection to the central theme, and each link can become another central theme, and then Thousands of joint points are emitted, showing a radioactive three-dimensional structure, and the connection of these joints can be regarded as your memory, which is your personal database.

Humans have accumulated these huge and complex databases since birth. The amazing storage capacity of the brain has enabled us to accumulate a large amount of data. Through the radioactive thinking method of mind maps, in addition to accelerating the accumulation of data, more data is accumulated. Hierarchical and classified management based on the relationship between each other makes the storage, management and application of data more systematic and increases the efficiency of brain operation. At the same time, mind mapping is the best use of the functions of the left and right brains. The use of colors, images, and codes not only helps us to remember and enhance our creativity, but also makes mind mapping easier and more interesting, and has a personal Features and versatility.


Jackson's self-drawn mind map was sold for $ 300,000

Mind maps provide an effective thinking graphics tool for human beings, and use the skills of both graphics and text to unlock the unlimited potential of the human brain. The mind map makes full use of the functions of the left and right brains to help people develop a balanced development between science and art, logic and imagination. In recent years, the complete logical structure of the mind map and the method of whole-brain thinking have been widely used in the world and China for learning and work. It has greatly reduced the time and material resources required, and has greatly improved the performance of each person or company. There must be a huge effect that cannot be ignored.

As an advanced thinking method, Mind Map has extraordinary value for comprehensively improving and developing a person's sound thinking quality. This value is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  1. As long as people with certain learning foundation and life experience can learn to use mind maps, once a person has mastered this method, he can improve his thinking ability and thinking level in a short time, and tap out his own thinking potential.

  2. The mind map is a natural way of thinking based on the brain. Therefore, it gives people the most openness and flexibility in their thinking. Both traditional linear thinking and modern non-linear thinking are tolerated. In particular, it provides the best way to express modern non-linear thinking.

  3. Mind maps can inspire people's rich associativity. It can show many ways of thinking at the philosophical level without hindrance, including continuity of thinking, depth of thinking, critical thinking, divergent thinking, Associative thinking, analogical thinking, image thinking, inspirational thinking, dialectical thinking, etc., it can greatly improve the level of human philosophical thinking and the level of applying philosophical methodologies.

  4. Mind maps can fully reflect a person's thinking characteristics, and therefore have very strong individual characteristics. Specifically, it means that compared to the mind map of the same topic, the mind map produced by the producer is very different due to the different knowledge structure, thinking habits, life and work experience of the producer. Therefore, the mind map Pictures are conducive to the publicity of personality and fully reflect the diversity of individual thinking.

  5. The establishment of mind maps is conducive to people's comprehensive and systematic description and analysis of the problems they are thinking of, and it is very helpful for people to think deeply and creatively about the problems they are studying, thereby helping to find solutions. The key factor or key link of the problem.

  6. Mind maps have infinite development, and specifically have two meanings: one is that a mind map is not a single layer, it develops with the development of the mind of the producer; the second is A mind map can have unlimited levels. The above-mentioned properties undoubtedly provide effective thinking tools for theoretical researchers, business managers and teachers.

  7.  Mind maps are theoretically beneficial to anyone who uses it, and its application fields can be almost unlimited. For example, for taking notes, analyzing your own research topics, analyzing organizational issues, product issues and service issues, giving lectures and preparing lesson plans for teachers.

  8. Mind maps help improve the learning ability of learners, even teachers, and help a learner to truly achieve the goals of lifelong learning and learning to learn.

  9. Mind maps are of great value to issues that people are extremely concerned about, and to improve the quality of education and organizational training. It has become an important tool in many new learning methods, such as research-based learning and action learning.

  10. The production of mind maps is very flexible. There are not many strict restrictions. The key point is that they can reflect the producer's own thinking characteristics and production goals, and develop their thinking ability and improve their thinking level.

Mind Map Teaching Strategy

As a teaching strategy, in the new lesson teaching, teachers can use the mind map-style blackboard to present the relationship between knowledge points and scientific inquiry ideas; in the exercise lesson teaching, they can present ideas or steps for problem solving; In the review lesson, you can use mind map software to dynamically present the knowledge network map of each unit or chapter, and can hyperlink to the scenes in the new lesson as needed, which can effectively activate students' memory.

Mind maps are used as a means of evaluation. Teachers can judge the students' grasp of what they have learned, their cognitive structure, and the thinking status of physics learning from the mind maps drawn by students and evaluate and guide them in a timely manner.

As a learning strategy, mind maps can guide students in the form of mind maps to prepare for new lessons, to compare concepts, to summarize knowledge, and to study physics topics. The long-term application of this learning strategy can well promote the structuring of knowledge, make the acquisition, storage, and extraction of knowledge more convenient and efficient, so as to cultivate students' thinking ability and promote students to learn.

The application of mind map teaching strategy not only promotes the development of students, but also promotes the development of teachers. Teachers can use mind maps for instructional design. Compared with traditional instructional design details, mind map-based instructional design visualizes teaching ideas, which helps teachers grasp the teaching content as a whole and understand the needs of the teaching process. Make specific and reasonable adjustments to make the process design of the entire teaching process more scientific and effective. Figure 3 is the overall plan finally determined by the author during repeated preparations during the first lesson of "Lenz's Law"

Writing mind map method and characteristics

First of all, prepare a blank piece of paper, which can well set the messy thoughts to zero. As shown in the figure below, write down the keywords you think about the central words on the central forks. Write one on each branch, no matter what the word is. After writing, write it on the next fork. The first words you think of, and so on, diverge. If you think of 5 words from one word, then you can think of the other 5 words separately, so your creative output increases by 500%.

When you have a full page of paper, look for the keywords that apply to you, connect them together, and you may find the results you want. A mind map can clearly sort out the cluttered thoughts in your head. It will give you a clear panorama, which can not only enjoy the details, but also observe the whole.

As can be seen from the above figure, the mind map has some specific characteristics:

1) Expand some branches around a point you want to make clear.

2) Using multiple colors to express can make the chart clearer and the classification more clear.

3) You can use some pictures or paintings to express, which can stimulate some thinking.

4) The chart is very divergent and has no fixed logic.

5) At a glance.

Mind Map Expression

In addition to writing on paper, there are many computer software for mind mapping. The use of paper and pencil can make the brain have a deeper impression. At the same time, the left and right brains are used. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to modify. Sometimes writing and drawing can not keep up with the speed of thinking, and even it is limited by the size of the paper.

Use of mind maps

In addition to organizing ideas, mind maps can also be used in life.

Reading notes: I often forget when I read a book. If I can record it through a mind map, I can draw a lot of memories based on clues. It can also help you build a thinking framework from your head.

Project and target management: For yourself and the project plan, you can also use a mind map to analyze the project first, and list each item to divide their respective importance. Then how to implement the next work plan is clear. Already.

Mind maps are instruction manuals that help you understand and master the working principle of the brain. It can enhance your memory, three-dimensional thinking ability and your overall planning ability.