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Whole Brain Development

Memory law system: One and one center:

Memory law system:

One and one center:

Transforming mechanical memory into right-brain image-linked memory

Two or two basic points:

First, transform the image Second: Connect

Three or three representatives:

(1) Keyword representation 

(2) Code representation 

(3) Positioning representation

Four and four steps:

(1) Extract keywords 

(2) Transform images 

(3) Connect memory 

(4) Scientific review

Five or five capabilities:

Memory training can improve five abilities, these five abilities are:

(1) Attention 

(2) Observation 

(3) Imagination 

(4) Creativity 

(5) Conversion

Six or six exercises:

(1) Digital memory practice 

(2) Poker memory practice

(3) Vocabulary memory exercises 

(4) Sentence memory exercises

(5) Article memory exercises 

(6) Name and head memory exercises

Three major memory methods

First, the coding chain method

Second, the story chain method

Third, the positioning chain method

Session 1 Digital Information Memory

Session 2 Chinese Information Memory

Session 3 Information Memory in English

Session 4 Object-Specific Memory

Session 5 Photographic Memory Training

Session 6 Mind Map