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NYAC Online Real Time Teaching

Compared with other platforms that only conduct live broadcasting, such as ZOOM and other online platforms, our online teaching system also has a complete background management function, course management function, teacher management of homework, course purchase and payment system. The system is an online network college platform specially designed for Nanyang Asia College, which realises the complete networking of daily teaching activities needed by educational institutions.


All Nanyang Asia College courses have achieved a comprehensive combination of online teaching and offline tutoring where students can complete all college courses at home. We now offer full-time courses, full-time and part-time post-secondary diploma courses, Chinese tutorial courses, art and calligraphy courses, & etc.

AEIS courses:

Primary English, Primary mathematics, Secondary English, Secondary mathematics

Art and calligraphy classes:

Children drawing, calligraphy, sketching, Chinese painting & etc

Other courses:

Other diploma courses are in the process of being offered