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Please refer to the CPE website ( ) for the Standard PEI-Student Contract in English for reference.

1. Information on Executing Student Contract

1.1 Students are informed of the details and clauses of the Standard Student Contract (“Student Contract”) through the various stages. They are as such:
• Pre-application stage
• Pre-course counseling stage
• Acceptance and admission stages
• Post-enrolment stage

1.2 Various monitoring mechanisms (i.e. various forms / monitoring procedures / etc.) have also been set in place to ensure that students are aware of the Student Contract and its details.

1.3 The various platforms / materials or documents that should capture information on the Student Contract are as such (not limited to) :
• School's Official Website
• Student Handbook
• Agent Training Materials
• Orientation Programme Materials

1.4 All original copies of the student contracts must be kept in the students' P-Files which are archived for a minimum of 5 Years.

1.5 The signed student contract is a legal document that will be used as the basis in the event of any disputes / conflicts.

2. Pre-application Stage

2.1 Information on the Student Contract and a copy of the school's student contract is easily found on the School's official website. The website also provides a link to CPE's website for students who want to find out more details of the Student Contract.

2.2 Prospective students are directed to for more details on the Student Contract.

3. Pre-course Counselling Stage
3.1 All approved external recruitment agents / staff (“Course Consultants”) are to explain clearly the details and clauses that are found in the standard student contract. The explanations are to be carried out in the applicant's native language for better understanding (as and when necessary).
3.2 Details on student contract clauses are listed as one of the items on the checklist under the student Pre-course Counselling Form. Course Consultants are required to sign off on the form as evidence that they have explained the details of the student contract to the prospective student and applicants are also to sign on the form to confirm that they have fully understood the information provided.
3.3 Administration Department is required to check that all such forms are properly and duly completed. Applications with incomplete information will be sent back to Course Consultants for follow up before they can be further processed.

4. Acceptance and Admission Stages
4.1 Upon student's acceptance of offer and the School's approval of application, students are to proceed to sign on two original copies of the standard student contract where 1 copy will be given to the student and 1 copy will be kept by the School.
4.2 Administration Department must also check / ensure the following as part of the Procedures for Executing the Student Contract: –
(a) Explaining all terms and conditions and to ensure that the student fully understand before signing the contract
(b) That a new Student Contract will be issued for students who wish to repeat a module
(c) Explaining to students that there is a cooling off period where a maximum refund (less any non-refundable fees) is allowed within 7 working days after signing the Student Contract – Refer to Student Refund Procedure for more details.
(d) Payment due dates are not earlier then the contract sign date and that no payments (including issuing of invoice) are to be collected prior to signing of the Student Contract.
(e) That there is a new contract signed even though it is a Course Transfer.
(f) The Student Contract to be signed is valid only for admission to one course.
(g) That any amendments made in the Student Contract are countersigned by both the School Representative and the Student.
(h) Students are to sign on the Form 12 - Student Advisory Note to document that they have fully understood the student contract. Signing on Form 12 - Student Advisory Note must be done before signing on the actual Student Contract.
(i) A parent / guardian is required to sign on the Student Contract for students that are below the age of 18.
(j) Any discounts given to the student must be clearly documented in the Student Contract.
4.3 Administration Department is required to check that all such forms are properly and duly completed. Applications with incomplete information will be sent back to course consultants for follow up before they can be further processed.
4.4 Administration Department is required to keep the duly executed original copy of the Student Contract in the Student P-File.

5. Post-enrolment Stage
5.1 All newly enrolled students are required to go through the School's orientation programme. This includes reinforcing information on the Student Contract. Students are required to complete the Pre-course Counselling and Orientation Satisfaction Survey to indicate that they have been oriented in this area.

6. Review of Student Contract Execution Procedures
6.1 The Designated Independent Internal Auditor will review the execution of student contract process as part of his/her Internal Process Review, Audit, and Assessment of the School.

Please refer to the following samples of each courses. Alternatively, you can find it on CPE website ).

1. CPE-PEI-Student-Contract-Version-3.1_GPC_PRIMARY.pdf

2. CPE-PEI-Student-Contract-Version-3.1_GPC_SECONDARY.pdf

3. CPE-PEI-Student-Contract-Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management .pdf

4. CPE-PEI-Student-Contract-Specialist Diploma in Project Engineering Management.pdf