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Establish a set of disciplinary policy and procedure to handle students with disciplinary issues

Students are expected to put in reasonable time, attention and effort to engage in learning, and not to misbehave badly or to engage in wrongful behaviours which go contrary to the objectives for which they have been admitted into NYAC. Bad or wrongful behaviours may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Examples of bad or wrongful behaviour include but are not limited to the following:

If a student is alleged to have misbehaved badly or engaged in wrongful behaviour, the Principal conducts an investigation.

Based on the facts that are uncovered, the Principal in consultation with the Management Team decides on the appropriate disciplinary measure that is educative and proportionate to the bad or wrongful behaviour.

While not limited to the list below, the disciplinary measure(s) may be one or more of the following:

There is no refund to the student for the course fees that are consumed during the period of suspension, or for the unutilised course fees in the case of expulsion.

The offender may also have to pay for damages or legal charges.

Set policy and procedures on attendance, which are communicated to all students Establish and implement a student attendance taking and monitoring system.

NYAC requires a minimum 90% attendance each month from its international students on ICA`s Student Pass.

For other student (e.g. PR) who do not require a student pass, the school requires a 75% attendance for the student to be eligible to get the certificate upon completion.

This requirement is clearly communicated to the student during the orientation as well as through the Student handbook and website

The teacher marks student attendance on a daily basis. The teacher also informs Academic Manager about students with poor conduct or discipline.

The Admin Officer obtains the attendance list from the teaching staff and notes the absentees on that day. He will call up the student to enquire as to the reason. The Admin Officer records the reasons cited by the student. He also records the instances when he was unable to reach the student. A student on medical leave is required to furnish the medical certificate to the Admin Officer the following day.

Should a student be absent for 2 days in a month without valid reason, the Admin Manager will send a warning letter.

The Admin Manager will arrange to meet a student who is absent for 3 or more days in a month without valid reason, to find out the reasons for the absence and to counsel the student if necessary.

A student who is absent from class for seven (07) consecutive days without valid reasons will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course. If the school has been unable to contact the student, the Admin Manager will make a police report and cancel the Student Pass.

Students who are unable to come for lessons on the following day are expected to apply for a leave of absence at least one day earlier, using FRM-024 Application for Leave of Absence Form.

At the end of each month, the Admin Manager does a computation and informs ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) of those students on Student Pass whose attendance for the month has dropped below 90%.

Implement timely intervention measures to help students with poor conduct or attendance

The Admin Manager also brings to the attention of the Principal the list of students who persistently have poor attendance (below 75%)

The Academic Manager also brings to the attention of the Principal the list of students who persistently have poor conduct.

The Principal meets up with the student, looks into the problem, considers how to help the student and identifies appropriate action. For example, the student may be given pastoral counselling.